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The Public Works Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance Division provides leadership over the maintenance of public ROW including streets and sidewalks to keep grass mowed, weeds maintained, trees cut back and sidewalks and curbs edged to maintain the City of Auburn brand. The ROW Maintenance Division also leads the City’s litter pickup on public ROW and supports citizens’ requests for mosquito abatement.

Report a Concern

Mosquito Management

Litter Control

Q: How often is litter collected along City right-of-way areas?
A: The litter detail crew is scheduled to patrol the City's streets on a rotating schedule. Please contact our office for further information regarding scheduling, or if you would like to participate in Keep Auburn Beautiful (affiliate of Keep America Beautiful) events geared towards litter reduction and prevention efforts within the City.

Street Sweeping

Q: When does the street sweeper service our area?
A: Barring uncontrollable circumstances that may affect the schedule, the street sweeper is scheduled to sweep most areas on a 4-week rotating basis. For further information, please contact our office.

Vegetation Management

Q: Why is vegetation management important?
A: Safety is a high priority at the City. Vegetation, if left alone will grow out of control, blocking visibility (signs, traffic, wildlife) which could endanger motorists. Weeds must be controlled to avoid impacts on the farming community and native ecosystems. Pride of ownership and the beauty of Alabama are also important factors.

Downtown Maintenance

Q: What department maintains the downtown area?
A: The entire City works to maintain the downtown area from Public Safety regarding safety, Public Works regarding sidewalk repairs and Environmental Services regarding cleanliness including, solid waste collection, litter and graffiti.

Vacating the Right of Way/Easement

The process to vacate streets or right of way in the City of Auburn is regulated by the Code of Alabama, 1975. In accordance with the requirements of state law, several steps must be followed so that a resolution can be presented to the City Council and to assure the Council that all issues have been addressed.

Application to Vacate Right of Way/Easement