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Academic Detached Dwelling Units

The Planning Services Department is working on regulations to add a new type of housing designation to the Zoning Ordinance. The proposed Academic Detached Dwelling Unit (ADDU) would provide regulations for freestanding structures intended to be used by no more than five residents of academic institutions. The typical unit configuration includes common space and private bedrooms, each with a dedicated bathroom. The regulations outline where such structures would be permitted by right versus conditionally allowed.

The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the ordinance amendment at its Jan. 10, 2019, meeting. The Auburn City Council will vote on the amendment at its Feb. 19, 2019, meeting.

Short-Term Rentals

In November 2018, Mayor Ron Anders appointed Ward 4 Councilperson Brett Smith and Ward 6 Councilperson Bob Parsons to the newly formed Short-Term Rentals Task Force. The task force added Planning Commission members Robert Ritenbaugh and Marcus Marshall to include their perspective on the issue. As short-term rentals become more popular and prevalent in Auburn, the task force is working with residents and stakeholders to move forward with creating regulations for short-term rentals in City limits.